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Which Scandinavian language has the most regular spelling?

Which Scandinavian language has the most regular spelling? Is that Norwegian? I've heard Danish has a system of spelling more or less as confusing as English. But I have no idea about Swedish and Norwegian. They say that letters like "k" in Swedish can be quite confusing and hard judge how to pronounce, it that true? Btw those three languages have extremely too many knids of vowels which make themselves IMpossible to pronounce! If foreigners don't distinguish those sounds when speaking, will it make sense?

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    I'm unfamiliar with Danish and Norwegian spelling, but I can tell you about Swedish. Generally speaking, Swedish is a lot more standardised than English. The 9 Swedish vowels actually help to know how to pronounce things, för example as you mentioned, "k" can be hard or soft, and it is pronounced hard before some vowels (like "o" and "a") and soft before others (like "y" and "ö"). There are a couple of exceptions, but these are usually due to the word coming originally from another language (like kö = queue, pronounced with a hard k).
    Also, the fact that there are 9 vowels, all of which are pronounced in a certain way, means there is less room for confusion as to what you are saying. In English, there are only 5 vowels and so there is more than one way of pronouncing each vowel. How is someone learning English supposed to know how to pronounce something correctly in that case? It's impossible to tell by just reading. Swedish is a lot easier in this respect.

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