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When are you supposed to use "che" and when is "come" correct? Maybe some examples would help! :)

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    Ill take "come". "Come" can mean:
    -"like" as in "he's like me / lui è come me"
    -"how", as in "come si accende? / how do I turn it on?"
    -"what" as in "What? I didn't hear / Come? Non ho sentito"


    Another kind of context relative to 'come' :

    - come mai non sei andato a scuola oggi ?
    come mai = perche` (with an added meaning of negative surprise)

    - come mai non riesci a trovare lavoro ?


    come ti senti? ( how) , che cosa senti ( what)?
    come fai? ( how), che fai? ( what)

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