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How would you explain this sentence?


Strike smoked his cigarette and continued to scrutinize the front of the building, in particular the gap between the windows on the first floor and those on the third. He was thinking primarily about Freddie Bestigui, the film producer. According to what Robin had found on the internet, Bestigui had been in bed asleep when Lula Landry toppled over the balcony two floors above. The fact that it was Bestigui’s own wife who had sounded the alarm, and insisted that the killer was still upstairs while her husband stood beside her, implied that she, at least, did not think him guilty. Nevertheless, Freddie Bestigui had been the man in closest proximity to the dead girl at the time of her death. Laymen, in Strike’s experience, were obsessed with motive: opportunity topped the professional’s list.

How would you explain the last sentence: opportunity topped the professional’s list?

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    The previous sentence 'Laymen, in Strike’s experience, were obsessed with motive' - means that amateur detectives consider motive to be a prime reason for crimes. In comparison, professional detectives consider that a (lucky) opportunity is in fact a greater reason for criminal acts, and that the would who had what opportunity when investigating a crime

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