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why All that Differences and Conflicts?

God Created us From Just one parent (Adam and Eve)
Why All this Differences(Religions , Racism, Parties,..) and all that Conflicts (Occupations , wars , killing Innocent people ,..) , can one tell me why all this, I Haven't any convinced Answers!!!

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    Of Course God Almighty Created us from one pair (Adam and Ave) , and We were just a one Nation and then we separated
    ''Mankind were one community, and Allah sent (unto them) prophets as bearers of good tidings and as warners, and revealed therewith the Scripture with the truth that it might judge between mankind concerning that wherein they differed. And only those unto whom (the Scripture) was given differed concerning it, after clear proofs had come unto them, through hatred one of another. And Allah by His Will guided those who believe unto the truth of that concerning which they differed. Allah guideth whom He will unto a straight path''. 2:213 AL-BAQARA (THE COW)

    Mankind were but one community; then they differed; and had it not been for a word that had already gone forth from thy Lord it had been judged between them in respect of that wherein they differ. 10:19 YUNUS (JONAH)
    And all that Differences from Man Made , Cause Allah (God) Created us as the Same and then they did that by theirselves..

    I don't believe in Adam and Eve. We evolved from monkeys. Scientific evidence proves such, so there's no need for you to deny it.

    As for the rest of your question; conflicts happen for several reasons:
    1. Wealth
    2. Power (power can be used to gain wealth so it kinda refers to point 1)
    3. Dogmatic beliefs

    For example, muslims shouting that their faith is the only true faith and all other people are useless pigs is a reason for Westerners to go to war with muslims. Simple as that. So, the only way to stop wars from happening is by becoming atheist, dividing all money equally and give everyone an equal amount of power.

    However, I doubt all people are smart enough to become atheist, nor are people nice enough to give away their money. And diving power equally is impossible. Conclusion: There will always be wars.

    I'm sorry but that's just the way it is.

    Do you really think I will read all your copy-pasted nonsense, Hesham? You were brainwashed by your mentally ill imam. It's not like anyone, besides other muslims, will take you seriously during your entire pitiful existence on this planet.

    Hesham, just explain one thing to me. Why do you find it hard to acknowledge that we hail from monkeys, animals that are remarkably similar to us in many ways, but yet you find it easy to believe that there's some old man with a long beard on a cloud who created mankind? Oh, and how do you explain the fact that the universe is billions of years old and humans have only existed for like 100,000 years? Unless of course you want to suggest that Adam and Eve were in fact monkeys. And what about Homo Erectus? Homo Neanderthalensis? Homo Floresiensis?

    If you want to close your eyes to scientific facts, be my guest. But don't spread your ignorance and stupidity, please. Perhaps it's time for "Homo rationalis" to finally part ways with "Homo imbecilis".

    Oh, and Hesham: Here's something about YOUR religion of "peace".

    So blow yourself and your muslim buddies and stay away from the civilised world. A world where women are equal to men. A world where women are not stoned to death when they are raped. A world where gay people are not hung to death. A world where people accept scientific facts. A world that prospers. So keep your barbaric hands away from our world. To each their own. Muslims stay in the muslim world and we stay in the civilised world.

    Lol, you're such an idiot Hesham. Perhaps the Americans are right. Perhaps we should just make a blast crater out of the middle east and get rid of all this stupidity. Muslims are the scum of this planet to be honest. Say one thing, do another. Claim they are a religion of peace but still blow themselves up and kill thousands of innocent people. Shame on you! You're a pathetic excuse for a human being. Oh, but wait, there's more truth in some old book that was written by child molesters than there's truth in actual scientific evidence. Go back to your cave, Hesham.

    You're even more stupid than I thought. Why don't you learn proper English, nitwit? It's downright arrogant and ignorant to think that humans are the most important species in the universe. What kind of lies will you damn religious people fabricate when we find extraterrestrial life? Oh, wait. God put them there to test our faith right? Just like with dinosaur bones. It's hilarious how simple-minded people like you are. I guess that's why we are so rich here in the west and why you guys still eat dust. And look at China, Chinese do not believe in God or Allah and they still manage to have an economy way better than that of Middle-Eastern countries. I guess why. Perhaps God/Allah hates Middle-Eastern people? Perhaps God/Allah is a woman and she's seriously pissed off at how you muslims treat women. HA! In your face, sucker! How sad must that be. Pray to Allah five times a day and you still have to see how rich we are in the non-religious parts of the world. Hahaha!

    That is the problem with muslims. They are too focussed on God/Allah and forget about their life on earth. They think that when they blow themselves up God/Allah will love them and give them 72 virgins in the afterlife. It's bad enough that muslims take pride in following a warlord from the 6th century. And then muslims still demand respect from us? It's like if Germans all read Mein Kampf and said "There is only one God and Hitler was his prophet". This is how we see muslims. They worship a warlord who had sex with a 9-year old child and blow themselves up to get 72 virgins. They treat women like they're the possession of men. It's a sick culture and deserves no respect whatsoever in my opinion.

    In the same sense the crimes by Stalin/Hitler/Mao are not in any way related to atheism. They're just part of the sick minds of those people. On the other hand, the crimes committed by muslims are in fact related to islam. Or do you think that someone who shouts "allahu-akbar" all the time while killing innocent people is normal? Religion, and islam/christianity in particular, is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind. Perhaps religion by itself isn't even the most horrible thing, but due to all the different beliefs it is. Especially because religious people never want to back down from their statements. Even if there's scientific evidence religious people will be too stubborn to accept that there's no God/Allah. And religious people are easily abused by leaders who want to wage war. If we ever want peace on this world we need everyone to think for himself. Because when everyone thinks for himself, noone will be stupid enough to pick up a gun and fight another man. Whether you like it or not, the men in the field are the ones who do the shooting and killing. If they just stop fighting, there will be peace. The only thing that keeps them fighting is religion and the idea that they are right. That's how dangerous religion is. It can turn normal people into killers.

    See, that's where you go wrong Hesham. Atheism has nothing to do with those examples. I know that your imam wants you to believe those things, but they are wrong. Imams only spread hate. That's all they can do, because they are ill-informed and not smart enough to go to university to get proper education. Religious people are too dumb to understand reality, so they make up a fantasy world.

    So return to the right way (atheism) and remove the evil religious thoughts from your mind.

    Look, you're too dumb and ignorant to understand the concept of evolution. That's not my problem. It's your problem. To be honest with you I couldn't care less if you understand the concept of evolution or not. In fact, I'm glad you don't understand. Just stay stupid, keep getting poorly paid jobs, until you can finally accept the truth. Who cares about you anyway? You're just a dumb religious person.

    You don't understand evolution, otherwise you would know that it's true. Evolution has to do with natural selection, a process that we can see every single day.

    There is plenty of fossil evidence that denies everything that has been written in the old testament.

    Ouch, does that hurt? Hundreds if not thousands of fossils that show us the evolution? Stop crying now, because I have some questions for you.

    1. Show me proof of the existence of God.
    2. Why did God create dinosaurs millions of years before humans?
    3. Why is the universe billions of years old and did God create earth only several thousands of years ago?

    hey 'harregarre'! Are you that happy and that proud of being the grandson of monkeys?
    for you question peaceful, i would say humans are always greedy to possess more and more and nothing satisfies them, that's why they are always making traps and starting wars unfortunately ending always with destructions and human losses.

    Why do you have to feel anything about being a grandson of monkeys? We have evolved over millions of years, it's not like we changed into humans from one day to the other. Perhaps a million years from now they will look back on us and think "Are we happy and proud to be the grandsons of those religious idiots?".

    It's not like I'm happy or sad or angry or whatever about being a primate. It's just the way it is.

    If you don't see how similar we are, you're just ignorant. We just have more brain capacity and our legs have evolved to adjust for walking straight. Other primates still have legs that are best for climbing trees. The chimpanzee in the last video however can do almost everything a human can do, except for talking.

    There is a big difference between us (human beings) and monkeys (animals). Then if the evolution theory is true, why monkeys are still monkeys, why haven't they turned into humans?
    I think you have a mistaken opinion about muslims, if you see that we aren't civilized that's your opinion and does not mean that they are really so. Civilization and education are not restricted to atheists nor to any person. Try to be objective and you will find that you can't generalize, and then you will see the civilized muslims, and take for granted that in every person there are good and bad characters or sides.
    We know that we are different and this does not give us the right to disdain or insult each others. You may see that your opinion is the very truth and the most logic thing and you have the right to feel that, but I also have that same right to feel that I'm right otherwise you won't be fair. Never feel that you are superior to others whatever be your or their religion.
    Last, we are here all of us to learn and to get to know each other, huh?
    Thanks for being respectful.

    Oh my fucking God, you're even more stupid than I thought Hesham. I wish I could kill you. You don't deserve to live.

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