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Paijo mau berkunjung ke rumah Tukiman, dia bermaksud untuk mengajak Tukiman menengok temannya, Slamet yang sedang sakit. Namun, saat itu Tukiman tidak ada di rumah ikut ibunya pergi ke rumah neneknya di Jatinom.

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    Paijo wants to visit Tukiman’s house, he intends to persuade Tukiman to visit their friend, salmet who is sick. However, Tukiman isn’t home because he has gone with his mother to his grandmothers house in Jatinom.

    Paijo wanted to go to Tukiman's house, as he intended to invite Tukiman to pay a visit to his friend, Slamet who is being sick. But at the same time, Tukiman isn't home, as he has gone along with his mother to Grands house in Jatinom.

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