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Come posso tradurre "kievite" (it is in english - il residente della città di Kiev) in italiano?

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    Un abitante di Kiev.
    This trick will always work, we Italians often have these kind of doubts even with
    Italian cities.
    We use suffixes for almost all Italian cities, but only for an handful of foreign cities,
    like: un moscovita, un londinese, un ateniese, un nuovayorkese,
    un parigino, un berlinese (no word for Munchen, Germany).
    As you see you can't simply figure out which is the righjt suffix, and moreover (for what I know) Kiev is not in that short list of cities.
    Prova "un kievita / dei kieviti"


    We use 'residente' when we are dealing with formal papers like
    tax forms, communications with banks, anything related to bureaucracy.
    In other cases, even if you are writing a book or a scientific paper, the term to use is 'abitante'.
    Io sono romano, cioe` un abitante di Roma.
    Romano could also mean: di origine di Roma, the context should resolve the ambiguity.
    Vivo a Treviso, ma sono romano di origine.
    Vivo e lavoro a Brescia ma sono milanese.

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