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Vietnamese translation question

Hi everyone,

I am studying Vietnamese and came across this dialogue. Could anyone help translate the lines into English? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Ben a gio co mua khong
O benh e gio dang mua
Gio e chuan bi ra cho ban

Ma troi mua nua ne huhu

Khong sao dau a neu a co gi bun hay tam su voi e
Dung giu no trong long

E ban day con hut von nua thi tien dau ma e trong trot

E lam gi ma co von de trong trang trai

Vay ah e bun qua a oi
Ra cho khong co von di mua do re ve ban
Ban khong loi ta

E noi nay a dung ngi sai ve e nha
Neu giup e duoc thi a giup
Con khong thi thoi

Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated!

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    Is it raining there (your place)?
    Now it's raining here (her place).
    I'm going to go to the market to sell now, but it's raining huhu. //
    It's ok, if you're sad you can tell me. Don't keep it yourself. //
    I sold fruits but still can't get back enough the money I spent, so I don't have money for cropping. (and) I don't have the capital to make a farm. //
    Is it? I'm so sad. I don't have enough money so I buy cheap wares to vend and I can't make a good profit. //
    I say that but don't think bad about me. You can help me or do nothing

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