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"As much as" - difference between 만큼 and 도록

Hi there!

So, I recently came across the Korean grammar forms "만큼" and "-도록", and got the understanding that both are used for saying
"I do Verb1 so much that Verb2", or "Doing V1 to the point where V2".

I am having a hard time separating their meanings, so maybe you could help me out?
For instance, how would I say

"I love you so much that I die"
나는 죽을 만큼 너를 사랑해.
나는 죽도록 너를 사랑해.

"I ate so much that my belly really hurts"
내 배가 진짜 아픈 걸 만큼 많이 먹었어.
내 배가 진짜 아프도록 많이 먹었어.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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    도록 means as much as, while and in order to do something. 만큼 means as much as. Example of 만큼: 내게 전화도 못 해줄 만큼 . Example of 도록: 저의학교에가도록 지하철 타고가세요. Just combine 도록 with the verb.

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