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How to say 2 things together are 'bad' or 'not good'.

I am trying to express that two items together are bad, without inferring that they are bad when take separately.
An example is this: 牛乳とオレンジは良くない
Is this acceptable for what i am trying to say or do I need to say more to specify that they are bad together, I do not want it to sound like I am just listing things that are bad.

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    In the case of "2 things" are food, or one of them is food, we say 食べ合わせ[たべあわせ] が よくない, it means いっしょに食べないほうがよい (It's better not to eat together). If they are drink, 飲み合わせ[のみあわせ] がよくない = いっしょに飲まないほうがよい (It's better not to drink together).

    I hope this was helpful and if I misunderstand what you wanted to ask, sorry for my English.

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