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How to say "You shouldn' to something" in russian?

Well, I was wondering how to construct this sentence in russian. I thought about using должен/должна/должно or "следует", I even discussed it with a fellow russian student and she even suggested "нельзя" for negative sentences. But, how to say "should", "shouldn't" in russian?

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    I think that the most correct variant for "you should" is "тебе/вам следует" and for "you shouldn't" is "тебе/вам не следует". Because "должен" is rather "must" then "should". But you have to understand that context is very important.

    Should = должен. For example, "you should go to the doctor" = ты должен сходить к доктору.

    You are right and you can use any word you've listed. E.g.:

    "Ты должен купаться"
    "Тебе следует купаться"

    "Ты не должен купаться"
    "Тебе не следует купаться"
    "Тебе нельзя купаться"
    "Не купайся!" (short phrase for conversation)

    Должен - это требование или обязательство к себе или другим. Например: Ты должен мне деньги. Следует - это рекомендация. Например: Тебе следует пить сок утром.


    Agree with some comments. Should is closer to "следует" then "должен". But we actually doesn't have such a restriction. We can say or должен or следует in same sentences and there won't be any difference. So you can say "Ты не должен этого делать" or "Тебе не следует этого делать". And if there's "нельзя" - it's "You're not able to do..." or "You must not..." or even "You can't..." Context is very impotant in russian. And intonation.

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