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O que são algumas palavras abreviações em Português?

Como 'vc' para 'você'

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    Well, as English... there are a lot of short ways to say things. Some of those that I remember for now:

    vc = você = you in a formal way

    mto = muito = much or many

    qdo or qndo = quando = when, at the time of

    obg or obgda or obgdo = obrigado/a = thanks said by a woman (obrigada) or a man (obrigado)

    fds = fim de semana = weekend

    bjo or bjos = beijo, beijos = a kiss or kisses

    abs = abraços = hugs

    obs = observação = observation, note, description

    t+ = até mais = see you later, until next time, bye for now

    fff = froça, fé e foco = strangeness, faith and focus. Woman said that to motivate others to go to gin for instance.

    flw = falou = literally "you said". Used as a way to say good bye. W at the end because the english sound of "w" fits better and make it "cooler".

    flu = fluminense = name of a soccer team

    ex. = exemplo = example, as in English e.g:

    tbm = também = too, like in "vc vai tbm?" (do you came too? )

    ñ = não = not. "eu ñ vou!" (I won`t go!)

    Well the list goes on and on... maybe someone else here remember more.


    vlw- valeu (tchau- slang) - see you
    t S2 - te amo -I love you
    kra- cara (pessoa) - guy
    blz -beleza (ótimo-slang) - OK
    tc-teclar - use keyboard /chat
    tbm- também - too,also
    msg- mensagem - message

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