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Vietnamese translation question

Here are a few lines I'm trying to translate and understand. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

Hon a 1000 lan

Khi nao day on like e nha

A biet khong con gai bao gio cung it ky

E bun khi thay hinh nen cua a do

Thank you very much!

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    1000 times more than you
    Tell me when you wake up ok>
    Girls are selfish, do you know that?
    When i saw your computer's background, i feel really sad

    I believe the first sentence is "Hôn anh 1000 lần" = Kiss you 1000 times :)

    I can't ignore when seeing your entry. Without toning marks, Vietnamese can be misunderstood badly.
    Hon a 1000 lan
    Hon can be hơn, hớn, hờn or hôn. I bet it was hôn in this case. hôn means kiss.

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