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shortening arabic words

english can short some words or sentences like people become ppl, i dont know become idk, and etc
indonesia can also short some words like yang to yg, enggak to gk, kalo to klo, and etc
and we usually use this in informal text, chat, or even e-mail.
but how about arabic? can we cut some alphabet in arabic words to make it shorter but still makes sense?

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    There are some abbreviations in Arabic like:
    ص ...... صلى الله عليه وسلم
    إلخ .... إلى آخره
    أ... أستاذ
    م ...... مهندس
    د ...... دكتور

    Arabic doesn't have that property , but really you can say anything if the person you're talking to ; will understand .
    I personally i say خنروح instead of خلينا نروح to my friends , so if you wanna make some new words like me , its up to you xD

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