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What do they mean?

1 What does "shouldn't have to do" mean?

I shouldn't have to write about this.

2 It's from this link but what does "battle of antioxidants" mean here?it sounds strange.
Maybe it's from the nation's strawberry growers—a prelude to an epic battle of antioxidants.

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    1. Shouldnt have to means there should be no necessity to do some action.

    Everyone knows that England has a queen. I shouldnt have to tell you that.
    I shouldnt have to tell you that brushing your teeth prevents dental decay.

    2. In the article the author is referring to the antioxidants found in the Blueberries and Strawberries. He is conjecturing that their will be some "battle" or debate between blueberries and strawberries over which provide the best antioxidants.

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