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what does "was referred"mean?

Still immensely suspicious, she gave monosyllabic answers at first, but slowly, gradually, she became more forthcoming. Her own history was pitiful. Early abuse, care, severe mental illness, foster homes and violent outbursts culminating, at sixteen, in homelessness. She had secured proper treatment as the indirect result of being hit by a car. Hospitalized when her bizarre behavior had made treating her physical wounds nearly impossible, a psychiatrist had at last been called in. She was on drugs now, which, when she took them, greatly eased her symptoms. Strike found it pathetic, and touching, that the outpatient clinic where she had met Lula Landry seemed to have become, for Rochelle, the highlight of her week. She spoke with some affection of the young psychiatrist who ran the group.
“So that’s where you met Lula?”
“Di’n’t her brother tell ya?”
“He was vague on the details.”
“Yeah, she come to our group. She wuz referred.”

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    Many Western medical systems are two-tiered. There are general practitioners and specialists. Most people see general practitioners and those doctors treat the great bulk of the ill. However some special patients need to see a specialist. They are said to be "referred" to the specialist. So in this case, the woman was sent to a clinic under the charge of a specialist.

    The book that you are reading does not sound very cheery. What is the title and who is the author ?

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