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which one?

Which one is correct? Find IN the passage or find FROM the passage? Maybe they are the same?

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    Prepositions are not the same.

    "In the passage" means the passage is the area where you search for the answer.

    "From the passage" means you take some part out of the passage and use it.

    It's hard to give an answer without context, but if you only have some text to work with (ie. no other related exercises), then use "find in the passage".

    On the face of it they are both correct, but it would be helpful if you would give a complete sentence, and just more context generally.

    They are two different ya of looking at the task, but mean essentially the same thing.

    Find in the passage: here is an example piece of text, locate one that matches IN the passage
    Find from the passage: here is something that is FROM the passage, can you find it?

    One emphasises the location of what you are looking for, the other emphasises the origin of the text you are searching for.

    Find in the passage works a little better in my opinion.

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