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How to say "to have to" and "must" in Chinese?


As you know, "must" has a stronger meaning and represents an obligation. Are there 2 different words in Chinese like in English language? In the dictionary i found some words like 必须, 得 and 一定要 but I'm not sure about their usage. What are the differences? And how to say "to have to" and "must" anyway?

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    一定要 is very very strong.
    必须 is strong too, but not as strong as 一定要.

    一定要 usage example:

    I'm so worry about my son, he is missing. you must find him, please.

    必须 usage example:


    Sir, if you want to get on the airplane, you have to buy a ticket first.


    要 is also used to say something will be done in the future and have to be done, like 我要开会 or 我先走了,我要去写作业

    to have to = 必须
    must = 应该

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