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چطور این کلمه سما طلسم؟


chetor in kalameh shoma talsem? How do you spell this word.

'be khatere'. it means because of apparently.

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    be khatere (به خاطر) means: because of, for the sake of somebody/something
    من فقط به خاطر علی رفتم: I only went for Ali's sake.
    امیدوارم که او به خاطر خودش حقیقت را گفته باشد: I hope he's told the truth for his own sake.


    and let me correct your question too:
    how do you spell this word? = شما چطور اين كلمه را مي نويسيد؟
    spell = نوشتن


    yes, it means because of, due to
    we spell it like this: به خاطر

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