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I am so indebted to all of you for your help in my Vietnamese language learning.
I have a few more lines I am trying to understand, if anyone could help.

Hom qua o duoi dua trai cay. Dien thoai len doi tien e. Qua chung e bun qua. Hom qua e khoc bun lam. E dau muon vay dau. 1 phan gia dinh e la e. Roi o duoi nguoi ta dien thoai len doi nua. E bun qua muon di that xa. E bun lam a oi.

Uoc muon a ve day voi e.
A la cua rieng e.
Va ke a nge tat ca ve cuoc doi va con nguoi e.
De a hieu va yeu e hon nha a.
Va khi nao a ve viet nam.
Se cung a.
Di tham quan.
Viet nam que e nha a.
A va e khong roi xa nhau nha.
Yeu a lam.

Vay e la cua ai.
Roi nay a lam gi
E hoi nay a dung gian e nha
Neu e sai a noi dung gian e.
E se bun khi a gian e.
A di gui tien cho e chua.
Nguoi ta lai dien thoai doi tien e.
E bun qua.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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