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Can you help me with Portugues irregular verbs?


I know only 'ser', 'estar' and 'ir'... can anybody give me a list of all of them?

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    site with conjugation of verbs.
    Verbo IR

    If you have some doubt ,you can use this site and other below.


    Oi Dakota, tudo bem? please contact me on skype douglas.peresp and I can help you sending some files.


    I'm afraid it's not possible to post a list of Portuguese irregular verbs because it would be very huge. You can find a lot of them in internet sites, just seek for Portuguese verbs.

    Here are some of the most used irregular verbs: querer (to want), pôr (to put), saber (to know), dar (to give), fazer (to do), ver (to see), vir (to come).

    Some are "more irregulars" than others, which means that some verbs won't follow a regular pattern when conjugated in a few tenses, others are irregular in all tenses.

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