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The pronounciation of Swedish language is impossible!!!

I just can't figure out what exactly do those vowels sound in Swedish! Since the letter "o" pronounces just like "oo" in good, how to pronounce the letter "u" then? It sounds like French"u" and German "ü" to me! If that is true, then what sound is the letter "y"? Got crazy of these vowels! They're too complicated! If you can, please show me by comparing to French, German and Spanish pronounciation which I'm familiar with.
What's more it's pretty difficult to learn those consonents with so little resource! I wanted to consult some pronounciations throu GOOGLE translation where the machine can read the words for you. But I found most sounds quite different from what I had imagined. For instance, the rule told me that "skj"(in "skjuta") should sound like "sh" in English but GOOGLE read me a "ch" in German instead. I just couldn't find any fixed rules. Can anyone recommend me any website or material for the rules of pronounciations(better with IPA)?
Tack så mycket

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    Here's a link that should help you with those tricky vowels:

    By the way, the "y" sound is pretty unique, there isn't any comparable sound in French, German or Spanish.

    As for the consonants, I couldn't find a good website but I can tell you a few things to get you started. It will be difficult to find fixed rules as pronunciation differs a lot in different accents and dialects. The consonant clusters "skj" and "sj" have exactly the same pronunciation, which varies according to different dialects. It is pronounced as either a "hw" or "sh" sound. As a general guide, they are pronounced "sh" in the south of Sweden, and also by the upper-class (for example, the king pronounces this as "sh"). However, in Stockholm and other places they are pronounced "hw" (this is how I pronounce it). The "ch" sound does not exist in Swedish at all, so much so that many Swedes pronounce English words with "ch" incorrectly. For example, the overwhelming majority of Swedes pronounce "sheep" and "cheap" exactly the same way (as "sheep"), and pronounce "chicken" as "shicken". It is even pronounced like this on TV, on McDonalds' adverts etc. So most people think it is correct.

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