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Indonesian music?

I know about tradicional gamelan music, but I'd like to listen some "modern" things. I love rock, but I think I won't understand a word. Could you recomend any famous slow, old, love song (in the mood of the Filipino kundiman, I love them) of I can find any English translation? I would learn better with music!

Thanks in advance to you all!

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    There are a lot but I recommend my favorite one
    karena ku sanggup by agnes monica, it is slow love song but not old :p
    if you want an old one:
    Seperti yang Kau Minta by Chrisye
    I don't know if they are your taste or not but hope you will like them
    I don't know if there is the translation into english, just googling :p
    If you didn't find them, feel free to asking me, just message me
    I'll translate it with my best ^^


    Yo Marisa!
    learning through music? that's my favorite way of learning also :D
    I recommend my friend who's learning bahasa indonesia these songs..hope u like them..

    what's your favorite band or singer? I love music so much :D

    Listening to songs and paying attention to the lyrics is one of the ways to learn languages. But since song lyrics are sometimes poetic and do not use proper grammar, you'll find some difficulties to get the meaning. Still you can use google to get the English translations. I'd like to reccomend a band named "Kotak" since you like rock. It's a modern rock band, but don't worry, they have slow songs as well.

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