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"To depend on" in Mandarin

Is there a difference between these two phrases? The second one is much easier for me to say, so I would prefer to use that one all the time if these words are interchangeable.

Can these both be used as "to depend on"?
1. 取决(于)
2. 依靠


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    取決 = To depend on something (circumstancially); i.e. Whether I go to class or not depends on the weather.
    依靠 = To depend on someone (emotionally); it can also mean to rely on something for support

    取决(于)意味着:由某方面或某种情况决定 (例如:想跟我在一起取决于你有多爱我)

    For example,it depends on the weather.In this case,you should choose the first.
    He depends on his family and friends.In this situation,the second one is more proper.

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