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Does "私の ように うそ を すき" mean "I wish I liked a lie like myself"?

"Watashi no youni uso wo suki"...I saw this written somewhere, I am not sure I understand the grammar here. Could anyone help?

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    I guess there must be some following phrases after that. But if I need to translate only that phrase, I'd say, "Just like I like to lie, "

    Example of phrases to be added and my translation : "Watashi no youni uso wo suki ni nareba, " -> "If (somebody) like lies"

    And, when I say " ~~~ youni", I'd never be talking about "~~~". Example : "Watashi wa anata no youni hayaku hashiru koto wa dekinai" -> "I cannot run that fast like you do"
    "ishi no youni katai" -> "hard like a stone"

    Excuse me if my explanations were poor :(

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