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How to say "if"/express possibility in Japanese?

How would I say something like, "If you have time, let's meet in Tokyo"
Or "If you are able to, let's have lunch in Tokyo"
What grammar structure is used for "if"?

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    For the first sentence, I think this will be acceptable.

    I'm not very good at Japanese though, so I'm not so sure either.




    There are many "if" (conditionals) in Japanese.
    Different conditionals are used depending on the context.

    A たら, B : Many conditions when it can be used. (safest to use)
    A なら, B : If A is accepted to be true, then B.
    A ば, B : If A is met, B (positive outcome).
    A と, B : Whenever A, B too.

    In your cases:
    1. 時間があったら、東京で会いましょう。
    2. できれば、東京で昼食を食べましょう。

    If = Moshi

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