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请问 二和两用法上有什么区别?


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    From [ ]:

    二 vs. 两
    èr vs. liǎng

    Both of them mean “two”.

    1. 二 is used in reading a number.
    (1) 他出生于1982年。
    (2) 我的邮编是三二二九二二。

    In mathematical formulae, 2 is pronounced 二.

    2. 二 is used in the ordinal number.
    (2) 今年二月份我去了一次他那儿。

    3. When there is a measure word (including 百、千、万、亿,etc.) 两 is used, e.g. 两个人 liǎnggè rén, 两个教室 liǎnggè jiàoshì, 两种方法 liǎng zhǒng fāngfǎ, etc. But 百, 千, 万, 亿 can also used together with 二, e.g. 二百 èr bǎi (200). In a sequence of numbers, the bigger digits can be modified by 两 while the small digits by 二, e.g. 两万二千二百 liǎng wàn èr qiān èr bǎi (22,200). As an exception, both 二 and 两 can be used to modify 位.
    (1) 两(二)位这边请。
    (2) 请问二(两)位想要点什么?

    4. Before units of length, capacity and weight, either 二 or 两can be used, e.g. 两(二)公斤 liǎng (èr) gōngjīn, 二(两)里 èr (liǎng) lǐ.

    5. In polysyllabic words or four-character phrases, 二 indicates order or number, e.g. 一分为二 yī fèn wéi èr (one divides into two; there are two sides to everything), 说一不二 shuō yī bù èr (stand by one’s word; while 两 indicates two sides, e.g. 两全其美 liǎngquán qí měi (satisfactory to both sides), 两败俱伤 liǎng bài jù shāng (both sides suffer, neither side gains), etc.


    二 can be used as an ordinal number,the second 第二, but we don't say 第两,but as a cardinal number 二 can't be followed by a measure word, in contrast, we must put a measure word after 两,for example, 两个苹果,but we can't say 二个苹果。

    “两" для количества (сколько?) и указания времени в "сейчас два часа"


    For your information, 两 is also a unit of Chinese weights and measures, 1 两= 1 斤= 50 grams.

    sorry, 1斤=10两=500 grams. 1两= 1/10 斤= 50 grams.





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