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how to say in saudi dialect.

What are you looking for? I can't find my glasses have you seen those? yes I did see them somewhere but I don't remember where. What a great answer it is! how can someone forget something so quickly, unbelievable. believe it or not but it is true. whatever! we are getting late let's go. By the way where are we going. just keep walking don't ask anything, you have already made it so late. it's your habit, you always blame me for everything. Ok don't get angry I will tell you later. Look! It's your brother. Keep quite if he saw me he will not let me go.

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    عن ايش قاعد تدوّر ؟
    مني قادر ألاقي نظارتي ما شفتها ؟
    إلّا شفتها في مكان بس ما أذكر فين .
    إيش هذي الإجابة بالله ! كيف تقدر تنسى حاجة بهذي السرعة ، مو معقوله .
    عساك ما تصدّق ، المهم ! إحنا اتأخرنا يلا نمشي .
    على فكرة فين رايح ؟
    إنت بس امشي ولا تسأل ، كفاية مأخّرْنا .
    كعادتك ، تلومني على كل حاجة .
    اوكي لا تعصب رح أقولك بعدين .
    شوف ! أخوك .
    اسكت لو شافني مارح يخلّيني أروح

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