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In one of the books that I have recently bought, I've read that the way to say "how to say..." in Mandarin is (add word/object) 汉语怎么说 。 However, when I've asked native Mandarin speakers they that it's 怎么说 (add word/object). Which one is correct?

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    "How to say..."We mean that “怎么说”If there are scenes in the book,its meaning may be changed.


    Word/Object + Language (英文/中文/什麽的。。)+ 怎麽說

    例句:青蛙英文怎麽說? (青蛙 [frog] +英文 [English]+怎麽說 [how do you say])

    both are right

    汉语 怎么 说 ? = How to say in Chinese?
    怎么 说? = How to say?

    it's just the first variant specifies the language

    both ok.
    for example,if you try to say "how so say water in mandarin?"you can say
    water (用)中文怎么说

    I think it is depend on the situation.
    If you ask a Chinese person about how to say 'desk', that is to say that how to say 'desk' in Chinese. Another situation is that if you ask a Chinese person about how to say Chinese very well, which means you are asking a method.


    Both are correct!

    one is "How do you say it?"
    Another is "How do you say it in Chinese?"

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