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What's the difference between لقد and قد

ما الفرق بين "قد" و"لقد"؟؟
شكرا جزيلا

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    Now about قد , this word can be used as a verb or as a particle. (information to remember as well). Talking about it when it's a particle.
    **** when we can use it ****
    we use it to mean:
    1. making sure about an action happened as well with no doubts.
    for example: قد درست اللغة العربية I have been learning Arabic (means that you're sure about learning arabic in the past). Has a sense of " have been +ing" and note that after it, the verb is conjugated in the PAST!
    2. when the verb after قد is conjugated in the PRESENT.
    2.1 if you want to inform about something or someone in sense of "few, less, more". In otherwise, you want to inform your friend that he'll like something that HE CANNOT IMAGE, or about someone speaks a lot that HE CANNOT IMAGE : قد تعجبك المدينة كثيرا
    قد يعلمك القليل فقط
    2,2 about an action we aren't sure about, seems as "perhaps and maybe" as Mohamed gave you.
    2.3 about something will be happened in the futur, and it is going to be happened soon. for example:
    قد أقبل صديقي على الوصول إلى المنزل
    ++Note++ Sometimes we need to understand the meaning from the context at all. So, the important is done about the difference between " لقد and قد ,

    لقد is used to confirm actions in the past.
    example : لقد رأيت ذلك بنفسى = I've (already) seen that myself.

    قد = perhaps, maybe
    example: قد يأتى مبكرا غدا = Maybe he'll come early tomorrow.


    I admire you about this question. It's a good question to be asked. I have been explaining the different before. I am going to make more details about them to make everything clear for you and for the others. Therefore, it all depends about my experience and what I have learned from Grammar and specially from Quran, because those words are used in some parts on Quran, but for special reasons.
    As Mohamed said, لقد is used to confirm about actions in the past, therefore it's not about actions happeneds, we do say to confirm that we finish that thing. So it can be used in an order form to inform the others. I finish this action. that's the important to remember for لقد. In Quran, the parts where we do tell the story of messagers. They usually use قد in their first talking, and they finish with لقد to confirm that they warn people the message of God.

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