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what does "They can stick that one right up their tight little bumholes.”mean?

“Thanks, Trudie. And get me an ashtray, darling.”
The girl hesitated, clearly on the verge of protesting.
“Just do it,” snarled Somé. “I’m the fucking boss, I’ll burn the building down if I want to. Pull the fucking batteries out of the fire alarms. But get the ashtray first.
“The alarm went off last week, and set off all the sprinklers downstairs,” Somé explained to Strike. “So now the backers don’t want anyone smoking in the building. They can stick that one right up their tight little bumholes.”

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    It's like saying 去他妈的. The situation here is that no-one is allowed to smoke in the building, but this person wants to smoke, and they don't care about the rules. When someone deliberately ignores someone else's instructions because they think it is unreasonable, people often use euphemisms for sticking things up their rear end. I have no idea why!

    It meant if they wanted to smoke they had better to put that cigarette inside their ass.

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