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the word "rate"

The Treasuries bills are used as kind of a risk-free base rate for things. So obviously when your risk-free base is no longer risk-free, that will throw everything up in the air and have people reconsider how they see the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency, how they see Treasuries as the risk-free assets.
What is "a risk-free base rate for things"?

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    Rate can mean a few things. Rate can mean to evaluate. (This movie is rated G). People have decided it is okay for people of all ages. Rate also often means the speed at which something is reproduced. Resting heart rate, for example. He was cooking pizzas at an alarming rate. (something alarming, like 10 pizzas every 5 minutes). That would be a rate of 2 pizzas per minute. A third meaning and the meaning used here, is a set price for something. The going rate for that car is expensive. Think of rate as PRICE is in this sentence. An interest rate is how much interest a bank will charge you. The bank of Nova Scotia's rates are too high.

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