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whats the meaning of these words?

1)has allowed afirst
2)artisanal attempt 3)superposition of tivirapine on emivirine4)elegant manner

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    Firstly these are not words, they are phrases (a series of words).
    1) afirst is not a word.
    2) An artisan is somebody who is good with their hands at making things. So an artisinal attempt would be an attempt to make something.
    3) I couldn't find what tivirapine was but I found out that emivirine is a biological inhibitor of a reverse transcriptase. I'm assuming tivirapine is something else biological. Superimpose means to put something on top of another so you can see both things at once. It sounds strange to superimpose bilogical molecules. You would normally do it with something like a picture.
    4) elegant is similar to the word 'graceful'. an elegant manner would be to act or perform things in a graceful, non-clumsy manner.

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