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This Arab Gulf song سمسمه, what is it about?

Can someone please tell me what this song is about?

I heard سمسمه means sesame seed, but I am not sure she is singing about seeds.

Is she singing in a Gulf dialect?

Thank you!

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    سمسمه or سمسمة (semsema) = it means one sesame but it's also used as a nickname for Asma or any other name with a "s" and a "m" (soumaya, seema, Samia...), and it could be a name in itself aswell
    A sesame is considered cute in Arabic ; it's small, it's feminine (name gender), and it's light on the tongue when you say it.
    Some people say in arabic: she's cute like a sesame.
    So it's just a song about a girl like half of songs of this world....the other half is a about a boy

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