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what is the different between..........

what is the different between

l'une des personnes and

l'une de ces personnes or something siminar with l'un des / l'un de ces

i am totally lost when we use l'un(e) des and when we use l'un(e) de ces

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    same difference as "one of the people" (une des) and "one of those people" (une de ces). With "une des" you have to precise who is your group. With "une de ces" it assume you know which group we are talking about.
    Ex : Une des personnes QUI SE TROUVE DANS LA BOUTIQUE a perdu son chapeau.
    Il y a beaucoup de personnes DANS LA BOUTIQUE. Une de ces personne a perdu son chapeau.

    In the first example I had to precise which group I talk about. In the second example, I did not need to do that because the group was defined in the sentence before.

    l'une des personnes = una de las personas (des = de las)
    l'une de ces personnes = una de estas/esas personas (de ces = de estas/esas); "Je suis l'une de ces personnes qui..." ("Soy una de esas personas que...")

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