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Vietnamese translation question

Can anyone help me express or summarize these sentences in English?

Chong y biet khong o day e khong co ban be nhieu.
Chong gui qua ngan hang di cho de.
Ra ngoai ta se cho chong ma so.
Chong gui ma so do qua cho vo.
Vo se di ra ngoai nhan duoc thoi.
Gui qua ngan hang di nha chong.
Vo khong biet gui cach chong chi dau.
Uh chong gui qua ngan hang cho vo di nha
Chong hay co gang nha
Chong ne chong co muon ve day o voi vo khong.
Chong hoi tham do nha
e mo mot ngay mac ao co dau di cung chong.
Buoc den giao duong.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    "Do you know that I don't have many friends here
    It's easier to send (money) through bank >
    When you come (to the bank) they will give you the identification numbers/ code
    Then you send me that code and then I can receive the money
    Please send through bank, I don't know the way you've showed me
    Yes please send through bank, please try.
    Honey, do you want to come here to live with me?
    You're quite greedy.
    I'm dreaming of wearing a wedding dress and walking with you to the assembly hall" >
    P/s: In English, I just translate "you" and "I" but what she used in Vietnamese are "Chồng" (you) = Husband, "Vợ" (I) = wife.

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