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what are difference between meaning of these sentences please?


2- 我去商店。

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    1_他买什么? = What does he buy?
    他在买什么呢? = What is he buying?

    2- 我去商店。 = I go to the shop.
    我在去商店呢。 = I'm on my way to the shop.

    1_他买什么?(what is he buying.the point is "what")
    他在买什么呢?(by this way to ask,the point is not "what",this question is more like:what is he doing.

    2- 我去商店。(the answer of"where are you going to? )
    我在去商店呢。(more like the answer of"where are you?"you tell them i am on the way to a store.

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