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I have a question...
What is the extended version of this word 'וכו, and how is this pronounced when it is shortened like this?
Are these all used interchangeably, or is there a difference?
וכך הלאה
וכן הלאה

תודה רבה
: )

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    Hi Lydia!

    Well, "וכך הלאה"/"וכן הלאה" - they are pretty much the same. they are pronnounced : vecakh hal'aa, and vekhen hal'aa respectively... the exact translation would be "and so on".

    וכו' is a short version of וכולי, so it's the same. it has 2 possible pronounciations: vekhuley\vekhule (I think the proper way is the left one, but it does'nt really matter...). the exact translation would be "et cetera"

    וכדומה is pronounced like this: vekhadome. I don't think it has an exact translation to english, but you use it when for example, instead of mentioning several things which are the same, you mention the first two, and then you say "vekhadome". for example: "I have many furnitures in my house. I have a table, a chair, a sofa "vekadome"

    Hope I helped,

    answerbox will probably puree bidirectional text beyond recognition but here goes:
    וכן הלאה/וכך הלאה = and so on / so forth.
    וכו' is short for וכולי ve-xoo-LAY (weighed "ve-XOO-lay" in casual speech).
    וכדומה = and similar(s), not identical to the other examples.


    What about "vegomer"? Is that not used anymore? (Sorry - can't put in Hebrew letters. Would be vav-gimmel-vav-mem-reish.)

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