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do taiwanese people hate simplified ch?

i wondered if taiwanese people would use simplified forms, and if so, then how often or where... i know in taiwan they use traditional forms all over.

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    no, they just have fewer kids and thus more time and teachers to spare more efforts to achieve same result of giving education

    i can bet a dollar they will be writing 台湾 instead of 臺灣 earlier than 2047

    yes~~~~but in fact they are brainwashed.......let me tell u why.
    they think that Mao Zedong stole the country, they think they are real China, current mainland of china is NOT real china, it is built by the the leader of Taiwan wanted to blacken current China. they wanted to tell people that they are REAL china. so when current china began to use simplified chinese, Taiwanese said they were losing chinese culture. from that time on, Taiwanese began to hate simplified chinese.......because they thought simplified chinese broke and lost chinese culture......

    in fact........before Mao Zedong established the gouvernment, the chinese old leader, who ran to Taiwan and became the leader of Taiwan, had made a plan to create simplified chinese. we could about find one thousand characters which had been created. but after 1949, the old leader ran to Tanwan, he deiced to stop this plan and using this to attack mainland of china....

    today, Taiwanese insist that they are real china, they have the real chinese culture.....
    just because of using traditional characters......
    i dont want to say that the culture is NOT equal to the character, I also dont want to say that if the old chinese leader won not Mao, all chinese including taiwanese would use the simplified character, I just want to ask one question: u even dont know the real history, why could you and dare you judge something without any scruple? in my opinion, only the kid whose age is less than 5 dare judge something like this......

    so taiwanese hates simplified character, at least, they believe that they are real china, real chinese culture, NOT current china.... this is really a kind of tragedy and satire, isn't it~~

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