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what's the difference 出生的 or 从来

我是在中国出生 [的]
i come from taiwan
i am from china or i was born in china
which one to use?

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    if someone asks you 'where are you from', you should answer 'Im from ****' (ex:我从台湾来 ) But, for example, if someone's parents are chinese and he born in Korea, he can say 'Im a Chinese but im born in Korea'


    If you say 我从台湾来 , it means you have come from Taiwan to somewhere else. If you want to say you come from (ie born in) Taiwan, you would say 我来自台湾。

    they are different parts of speech
    actually different words

    出生的 = born
    从... 来... = came... from... (but not necessarily was born there)

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