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物事 vs 事 - what's the difference?


I wrote this sentence for my Japanese lesson:
たまに おれは ばかな物事 はなします。
But my teacher corrected it to:
たまに おれは ばかな事 はなします。

However she was not able to explain the difference between 事 & 物事.
What's the difference?

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    物事 means "all things", "general things", "everything".
    e.g.:物事の道理を知る(to know what's what)
    事 implies a little contracted and narrow "things", "something" relative to 物事.
    e.g.:事を起こす(to make things happen)
    こと(written in hiragana strictly) is used to make noun.
    In your case, ばかな(adjective) is modified to noun by こと.


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