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Summertime sadness by lana ddel ray

Lyrics said:

I'm feelin' electric tonight

Cruising down the coast goin' about 99

Got my bad baby by my heavenly side

I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight

I don't know what's the meaning of "Cruising down the coast goin' about 99"

Need someone to inspire me.

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    she is driving in her car, down the coast road, her speed is about 99 miles per hour

    It's a nice picture. A coast road is usually scenic, winding. At the coast, it is cooler, there might be a breeze. maybe she has a convertible with the top down. The tone is so relaxed, the details don't really matter. The speed is high, but it doesn't matter (about). she is carefree. Cruisin means she has nowhere to go, she is driving for the pleasure of the journey.

    The dropped g's in her words are indicative that she doesn't mind being too precise. she isn't worried what people think of what she says. She wants to tell her story, she doesn't mind if we listen. She is happy, carefree. she feels empowered.

    I just noticed though, she has her baby by her side. by her 'heavenly side' which is odd, one doesn't often describe themselves as heavenly! Also, she speaks only about herself, how she feels, even though she is with her baby. I find that a bit odd. As a tone, I think it is meant to say this. She is important, she is worthy, she is not defined by the person she is with, or the relationship she is in.

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