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или ?

когда какую использовать?

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    They are the same.


    как у тебя дела? = как твои дела?
    There is no difference. But most often sentence is just "как дела?" You need additional explanation only if you ask about someone else (for example, "как у него дела" or "как дела у Васи?").

    As people have already answered, they are the same. I would just like to add that although it's okay to reply with "I'm fine, thanks" to "How do you do?" or "I'm doin' well" to "How you doing?", a terse reply like "Хорошо" to "Как у тебя дела?" or "Как твои дела?" most often will sound a bit rude. It's better to add anything about the news in your life after it if you want to sound friendly. :-)

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