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In Filipino how to ask " what time did you wake up" & " I woke up at 5pm"?

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    What time did you wake up? = Anong oras ka gumising / nagising?
    I woke up at 5pm. = Gumising / Nagising ako nang alas-singko ng hapon.

    NOTE: "Gumising" and "Nagising "can be both translated to "woke up". Yet, Gumising is in "Neutral" tone, meaning you intended the action; on the other hand Nagising is in "Ability & involuntary action", meaning you just woke up unintentionally. Now how you use them depends on how you want the person you're talking to would take your answer. If you're late for your appointment, you can say "nagising", that'd imply that it's not your fault and everything happened beyond your control.

    Good luck! ;)

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