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How to correctly use the word 韵味?


Please could you tell me more about the word 韵味. Could you show me some example sentences using it, please.

In my dictionary it says it is related to a pleasant sound or charm of a sound or music. But the sentence I saw it in was "这些依靠个人兴趣和社会投资建立起来的博物馆,以其各自独特的文化韵味吸引着人们的目光。“

文化 is obviously not a sound or music. So why do they use 韵味? Would 味道 not have been a better choice?

Do 韵味 and 味道 basically mean the same thing?

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    韵味 and 味道 in some way the same.
    But 韻味 is more literature and elegant. usually used to describe art , culture,tea, women , beautiful things which make people impress and remind all the time.

    味道 is more focus on smell(even bad smell) and taste.

    The museums are like learned men who tell us plenty of interesting stories. So we can use '韵味‘ in this situation.

    韵味 and 味道 basically mean the same thing, but '韵味’ is more formal.

    The key point is that 味道 can be noun and also adjective, when it is used as a noun, it means flavor. When used as an adjective, it means similar as 韵味, but more oral, less elegant.

    Written: 这里的陈设很有韵味。
    Oral: 这里的陈设很有味道。

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