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¡Algunas frases es español!


¡Hola a todos!

¿Podeis ayudarme y traducir estas frases a inglés?

1. Por que has venido? Haberme llamado, mujer
2. Debo hablar con los obreros a ver si me arreglan el piso de una vez, que tengo el piso mano con hombros
3. La gente puede decir lo que quiera, alla cada cual
4. Compartir cartel
5. Lo mismo que tu deberías atreverte a reconocer que te han chuleado
6. Habeis leído lo de las monjas? A las que han violado los mismos misioneros en Africa? Los propios curas.

¡Muchas gracias!

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    Hi Aviel, here are their meanings:

    1. Why did you come? You could have called me, woman.

    2. I must talk with the workers to see if they repair the flat (apartment) that is a complete disaster.

    ♦ The original must say "tengo el piso manga por hombro" but not "mano con hombros". It's an idiom, you can imagine a suit where the jacket sleeve is in the shoulder, a mess.

    3. People can say what they want, that's problem each.

    4. Share cartel (referred to the placard that announces a bullfight. Normally three matadors share the placard and they fight six bulls).

    5. As you should dare to admit that you've been cheated like a fool.

    6. Have you read that about the nuns? Who? those who have been raped by missionaries of Africa? The priests themselves.

    ♦ A bit offensive. Spanish actors, who they are mostly left-wing (socialists, communists) really like this kind of tasteless jokes against the Catholic Church.

    I sincerely hope this will be helpful, Aviel. Cheers!

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