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how can i remember the irrigular verbs

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    Dear Gentleman from Jordan.

    How can you remember the irregular verbs? First, spell 'irregular' correctly! You'll need to spell the irregular verbs correctly, so check all your spellings! Second, try doing verb crosswords and other fun worksheets. It'll help if you have some interesting worksheets. And then there is TALKING! Start conversations... and talk about what you did yesterday, or last year. You'll have to keep using those past participles! "Well, yesterday I swam across the river! After I had swum across I had to swim back again!" PLAN your conversations in advance! Learn a few verbs and start up a conversation DELIBERATELY so you can use them! "Hello! Do you like swimming? I do. Only yesterday I swam across a river....."


    Practice practice practice. The good news is that you'll use these verbs often.

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