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what does it mean?

“They di’n’t want me around, ’specially that fuckin’ uncle. ’Ave ya met ’im, ’ave ya? Fuckin’ Tony Landry? I contacted ’im abou’ the funeral an’ all I got was threats. Oh yeah. Fuckin’ threats. I said to ’im, ‘I’m ’er mother. I gotta right to be there.’ An’ he tole me I wasn’t ’er mother, that mad bitch was ’er mother, Lady Bristow. Funny, I says, ’cause I remember pushing ’er outta my fanny. Sorry for my crudity, but there you are. An’ he said I was causing distress, talkin’ to the press. They come an’ found me,” she told Strike furiously, and she jabbed her finger at the block of flats overlooking them. “Press come an’ foun’ me. ’Course I tole my side o’ the fuckin’ story. ’Course I did.】

what does "press come and found me"mean? why she's afraid of this?

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    The press means the media, the newspaper and television reporters. When Lula died, they looked up her birth mother, hoping to get an interesting story. I don't think she's afraid, I think she's angry at Lula's adoptive family.

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