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what does "run in"mean?

“All the expert knows is that they were deleted; there’s no evidence that they were copied and stolen. But as you say—anything’s possible.”
“But who else—I mean, naturally I hate to think it could be a nurse, but who else could it be? The laptop’s been at my mother’s ever since the police gave it back.”
“John, are you aware of every visitor your mother’s had in the last three months?”
“I think so. I mean, obviously, I can’t be sure…”
“No. Well, there’s the difficulty.”
“But why—why would anyone do this?”
“I can think of a few reasons. It would be a big help if you could ask your mother about this, though, John. Whether she had the laptop running in mid-March. Whether any of her visitors expressed an interest in it.”

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    In this case "running" means operating. He wants to know if his mother had turned on and used the laptop in mid-March,

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