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don't matter enough=in no position=unqualified

are the 3 phrases the same?
Which one is used the most in daily life?

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    Two of these phrases are used quite often in English.
    "in no position" means that the person has no place or is not knowledgeable about the current topic, situation, etc. This phrase would be used in a much more casual situation.

    "Unqualified" means that the person does not have the necessary skills to fulfill the position, complete the task, etc. This would be used more in academic/business situations.

    "Don't matter enough" is more slang, and it is not very commonly used in English. To make it sound more correct, you might instead say "Doesn't matter enough." but still it is not a common phrase. It might be used to describe something that is not worth a person's time or notice and therefore should not be an option to consider, again depending on the situation.

    I hope this answers your question.

    ~Samantha :)

    We are more likely to simply say something "doesn't matter" meaning it is not important. Casually people might say "it don't matter" especially where I'm from near London.

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