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How do you say "The boats called Hookers" in Irish?

I'm studying relative clauses and I'm confusing myself. Since you say, "Kass is ainm dom" to say "I am called Kass", how to say the name of a boat using a relative clause is baffling me. Which verb do you use?

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    It might help you to understand more literally the expression 'Is ainm dom'. It literally means 'Kass is the name of me'. To extend this to other people is fairly simple, as you substitute the pronoun and you're done.

    However, boats are not people, and you cannot use an expression like this for inanimate objects. It's possible that Ainm is also only used for given names. Like the type of the boat is a hooker, but the name of the boat is 'the salty dog' or sth like that. I'm not 100% sure on that.

    As best I remember, the expression you want is 'ar a dtugtar', which means sth like 'that are given the name of / that are known as'.

    So, with the greatest of apologies for my rusty Irish, I think you mean to say 'Na mbáidí sin ar a dtugtar huicéirí / hookers'

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